More than a fueling station...full service oil, auto detailing & accessories.

Locally Owned - Supporting our Community

Walt's Convenience Store and Fuel

Walt's Shop & Fuel

Store hours are:
Monday-Saturday - 6am-9pm
Sunday - 6:30am-9pm

Walt's offers:

  • 24 hour pay-at-the-pump self-service
  • #2 Diesel, Arctic Diesel (seasonal)
  • E-15
  • E-85
  • 87 Octane & 89 Octane gasoline
  • Premium Non Ethanol gasoline
    Non-Oxygenated fuel for small engines and older vehicles
In order to serve our customers' needs better,
we accept competitors' coupons up to $.07 off per gallon. Softener Salt

Walt's Fuel Pumps

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Patron Points is our rewards card which allows you to accumulate points for all of your purchases at Walt's. Points are redeemable in store on any of our products and services.

Our new rewards program lets you earn points easier and spend them on more giving you an even greater value!

You can even swipe your new Patron Points card right at the pump when fueling to earn points or scan the rewards App in the store!

Earn Double Points Every Tuesday!!

Click here to learn more about Patron Points.

Download our rewards app below!

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We invite you to come inside and help yourselves to our freshly made Free popcorn! Inside you will find that Walt's carries both Pepsi-Cola and Coca-Cola products. Walt's offers Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, Fresh Baked Donuts, On the go Bratwurst & Hotdogs, 5 flavors of Cappuccino, Pepsi fountain pop, Fresh brewed New England coffee, Deli Express Sandwiches, Frito Lay and Little Debbie products. Our store carries everything from tasty treats to automotive necessities. We stock air fresheners, oil, windshield wipers, washer fluid, antifreeze and much more.

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